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Sparx Enterprise Architect 12: Wireframing

A great new feature, long-awaited by me, wireframing (UI sketching) will be introduced in Sparx Enterprise Architect 12, to be released soon. Check out our test drive.


Is Login a Use Case? Use Cases vs Functional Decomposition

What makes a use case and what not? Why to avoid functional decomposition in use case modeling? This article discusses how to recognize use cases and how to use them effectively to define functionality.


How Baby Mouth Hand Was Born?

We all know a few funny or annoying mistranslations, but how do these come into existence? Read about human and machine translation.


Who Comes After Who? Requirements, Use Cases and Features

Trying to show some guidance in the confusion of how use cases, requirements and features can align with each other in UML modeling.


The Orphan of Translation Practices

A couple of sentences about the importance of the concept or definition fields of termbases.


What’s Wrong with Agile?

Nothing, in theory. Negligence, in practice. Read on to find out how I came to this staggering result. I remember the times when Rational Unified Process (RUP) …


Personalized Google Ads—Relevant?

Target Group I have faced a lot with the personalized ad system of Google in the past few months. During the summer I was searching for something …